Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hair Extensions Explained: What Is Remi Hair and Other Questions

When it comes to hair extensions, a lot of confusing terms are often thrown around. If you have done any research on extensions Remi hair, Indian vs. European, virgin hair, single-drawn, and double-drawn strands. This article will clear up any questions you may have about these terms, and help you decide which hair extensions are right for you and/or your clients.

What is Remi Hair?

The term Remi (or Remy) refers to 100% human hair and it is the best quality available for hair extensions. Although this term has been overused in recent years, true Remi hair has been held together from the time it is originally collected, ensuring that the cuticle is aligned in one direction. This is an important distinction because, if the cuticles are not aligned and running in the same direction, the extensions are considered non-Remi, an inferior product. In addition, non-Remi strands are processed in an acid bath to strip away the cuticle leaving the hair more fragile and damaged. The strands may initially appear smooth and shiny to the naked eye but after washing it will be more likely to matt and tangle. If non-Remi strands are used in a permanent strand application like hot fusion the result would be cuticles that rub together creating hair extensions that tangle and frizz.

It is important to note that Remi hair is can be categorized as either virgin or non-virgin. There are two major differences between virgin and non-virgin hair - treatment and cost.

What is the difference between virgin and non-virgin hair?

- non-virgin hair has been coloured or has possibly received some other chemical treatment, such as perming
- virgin hair has never been coloured or chemically modified in any way, making it more desirable and costly

When considering the extensions you will select for yourself or for your clients, an important distinction should be made between Single and Double-drawn.

What, exactly, is Single or Double-drawn Hair?

Single-drawn hair contains hairs of varying lengths and often has many short hairs. When you purchase 18" strands that are single-drawn you will notice that the last 3-4" are thin and wispy. Some call this style of hair "pre-cut".

Double-drawn has been hand-selected twice for the long hairs. The result is fabulous hair with directional cuticle that is even in length from end to end. This extra step in the sorting produces extension strands that are the most desired for beautiful extensions.

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